What People Say

I fully believe that this is what needs to be taught throughout the rest of the country/world.
— University Residential Advisor

To date, more than 650 people have attended our workshops.

Of these, 98% have reported they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their training experience. Not one has reported dissatisfaction. 93% said they would “definitely recommend” this training to others.

How satisfied are you with your training experience?

Would you recommend this training to others?


It is what our organisation needs to take a more pragmatic approach to issues and when dealing with staff particularly in the disciplinary space.
— Senior Human Resource Manager
Despite taking you out of your comfort zone and challenging your thinking it was the most enjoyable training I’ve attended in a long time.
— Senior Human Resource Manager
So many of the issues we are seeing in the advisory space require an action post ‘action.’ No employment investigation or complaint about behaviour solves the issue and there is almost certainly harm and no winners. I think a restorative approach is critical to finalising an issue and truly resolving it.
— Human Resource Manager
In addition to it being a well-facilitated training, it was also a personally enjoyable experience. I felt refreshed and inspired to continue doing the work.
— Residential Life Coordinator
Training was thorough, thoughtful, rigorous and facilitated by experts in the field.
— University Faculty Member
A very open and trusting environment was established very early on. The content of the training was excellent, however the team building side was invaluable. I left reminded that I work with an approachable, great bunch of people, as there have been some real hurdles lately. Reminded me that we are all good people trying to do a good job, despite challenges. The atmosphere set by the facilitators enabled this.
— Lynne Harrison, Senior Human Resource Advisor
Facilitation was on point. Content was clear, concise and interactive. I liked the open, reflective questions throughout to engage others.
— Shane Kelly, Deloitte Grow Facilitator
The level of understanding I gained in the training for the restorative justice process, intricate details regarding small aspects of the process and why they work was priceless and will continue to advance my ability to apply this in all situations in my career and personal life.
— Carl Nelson, Student Liaison
I think the more of our managers we can expose to this training, the better; it’s got huge potential as a tool for managers to use to deal with issues early and build a high trust/high engagement culture.

It’s got the potential to be transformational and sits very comfortably with [our High Performance Framework].
— Human Resource Manager
Learning about the principles of restorative justice and considering that restorative justice is respect, this fits really easily with our code of conduct. To have three questions and to use these to draw out meaningful dialogue which will lead to involving stakeholders in finding a suitable solution is an extremely positive approach.
— Dean of Students' Office Employee