Resolution Services


Issue or Incident Response Facilitation

Sometimes you need an outside facilitator (or 2) to help you through an issue. Whether it is an ongoing issue, a specific incident, or simply a tough decision you need to make, we can help guide you through a restorative process to reach resolution.



Conflict Coaching

Those most impacted by a conflict or a difficult situation are often the ones most equipped to find the solution. You may not require an external facilitator, but instead simply need some help thinking through ways to address the conflict on your own. We can help you apply a restorative lens to the conflict and give you the tools you need to reach resolution.



Group Facilitation

We can help your group identify key issues and discover innovative solutions using collaborative decision-making and interest-based problem solving (i.e. restorative practices).

You don’t have to wait for something to go wrong to bring a group together. We encourage groups to establish a healthy culture proactively through regular norm-setting sessions.