About Aspen Restorative Consulting

Aspen Restorative Consulting was founded in 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand by Haley Farrar and Lindsey Pointer. We focus on all aspects of your community to support you as you build a new, restorative culture.

We teach, coach, support, and empower through hands-on, practical training. Our leadership development workshops blend reputable research with innovative new ideas to help schools, universities, and workplaces experience deeper empathy and find greater connection in their daily lives.

We also provide meeting and workshop facilitation services to organizations in Wellington, New Zealand and consultation and advice to restorative justice organizations around the world.

Our Mission is to help build healthy communities rooted in open communication and the experience of belonging through the implementation of restorative practices.   

Our materials, curriculum, and processes are developed in partnership with…



Restorative Practices are founded on the values of Relationship, Respect and Responsibility.

These values drive everything we do, and define how we hold ourselves accountable to each other and to you. 

We believe that every individual is the expert of their own life. It follows that each community knows itself better than we could ever hope to. We ask that you take your restorative learnings and apply them in ways that best suit you. As our client, you are an active participant in the design of the training you need and the support you require. You tell us what you need - we've got your back.


But why ‘aspen?’

In addition to being a beautiful image of the co-founders’ home state of Colorado, aspens hold a special meaning. 

Though seeming to stand alone, at times appearing impossibly slender in the harsh conditions of the high desert, aspens are remarkably strong. Their unique root systems connect thousands of trees together underground. 

This connection through the root system means that aspen groves are the largest organism in the world.

We believe humanity is just the same.

We are all deeply connected, just under the surface. Our community is where we find support to grow and thrive - if only we tap into our connected roots.

In the Press…

Living Restoratively - “Two Victoria University researchers are using their unique skill sets to support the restorative justice efforts at the University.”